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Baseball and Softball

Baseball and softball are central to the Academy's mission of helping underserved youth in Washington grow into determined students, supportive teammates and leaders in their communities.

Baseball/Softball Culture

The Academy strives to create a supportive baseball/softball culture that is centered on energy and enthusiasm and that rewards effort and teamwork. Academy coaches are trained in positive coaching methodology, which stresses positive reinforcement and consistent encouragement as fundamental to effective coaching. By promoting hustle and enthusiasm, the Academy provides constructive experiences for all players and puts hard work ahead of winning.

Core Program

Academy baseball/softball training is offered year-round to Scholar-Athletes. During the academic year, Scholar-Athletes participate in a mixture of practices, games and innovative drills developed specifically for players that are new to the game. Scholar-Athletes are then able to test out their new abilities in games and scrimmages which happen multiple times per week.

While the Academy's focal point is improving health and building character, staff have developed data-driven methods to measure Scholar-Athletes' improvement and growth over the course of the program. Coaches measure progress in attributes such as arm strength, accuracy and baserunning to keep track of the areas in which Scholar-Athletes are thriving and where they might need stronger support.

Summer League

In 2016, the Academy established the Summer League to create a community-wide opportunity for girls and boys to stay active during the summer. The Summer League introduces kids in Wards 7 and 8 to playing baseball and softball "The Academy Way," emphasizing effort, teamwork and continual learning.

Running from late June to early August, team members play in one practice and one game per week, led by volunteer coaches and mentors. Participation in the Summer League is free and open to all girls and boys ages 6-12 in Wards 7 and 8. To learn more about the league and see photos from this current season, please check out the Summer League's website

The success of the Academy's Summer League is, in part, a result of extensive community outreach led by Academy staff. Coaches visit local organizations such as schools, shelters and libraries to host baseball clinics that introduce kids to the league and the Academy. Outreach efforts drew in 250 participants for the summer 2016 season. The Academy expects to build upon this growth in the coming years and will expand to directly serve more than 1,500 youths aged 12 and younger by 2021.